Quesos Gran Gusto is located in the heart of La Mancha, a region of excellency and fame from cheese making

Our careful cheese production arises from the knowledge and experience cumulated through the years by the men and women who integrate “Quesos Gran Gusto”

The tabling, taste and aroma of this cheese will remain in our minds as an unforgettable mark. “GRAN GUSTO” cheese is made from a meticulous milk selection that comes from our own livestock

We’re a completely family-run company, established for the purpose of making and marketing cheese, based on a business model that is efficient, people-friendly, socially and environmentally responsible.

We continue to grow, day by day, to become a brand with extensive experience and a long track record, that is increasingly present on the international scene.


Our cheeses are hand made from the milk, we make only with the best fresh milk everyday to offer you the best cheese with the best taste, because making the best cheese is our passion.

Our cheese are present in a lot of more important gourmet shops in world, thanks to we look after each cheese which we make it, because only with the best raw milk from la Toledo and the biggest cares, we make the best cheeses for our customers and Friends
we have maintained the quality of the raw materials and the best recipes in order to produce cheeses that still retain the traditional flavour. Our goal is to understand and to meet the needs of those consumers who are looking for something good, that is of fine quality and natural in all respects and for all our products.

Our cheese-making process

At the farms
We select the best livestock farmers for each type of milk, making thorough analyses of each delivery. Our technicians work closely with our livestock farmers in order to achieve the finest quality.

From the farm to the processing line
The milk collected is taken in refrigerated tanks to the production centres in order to maintain the optimum quality of the milk. Our livestock farmers are located close to our plant, to guarantee the full freshness of the milk. The milk then goes through strict quality controls and, if it is suitable, it is then unloaded into the processing tanks. Each lot is coded in order to guarantee traceability throughout the chain.

The milk is heated to the appropriate temperature, depending on the production programmed.

Pressing and salting
The moulds are then filled and kept in presses in order to obtain the best product and, finally, there is a salting process

Drying and ripening
Once the cheese has been made, it then goes to dryers and ripening chambers until the process is completed.

The different products are packaged in the packaging area, in the formats requested by our customers.

The products are stored in refrigerators at the right temperature.

Committed to the Environment

The milk used in the production of the cheese is collected from the dairy farms near the factories, in rural areas, which means a support to settle the population policy in this environment and it is part of the social commitment of SEÑORIO DE LA MANCHA. The company advises farmers on issues such as quality and food safety, and helps them to promote profitable farms.

100% Certified Quality

The firm commitment to the satisfaction of our customers makes Señorio de la Mancha a company oriented to achieving maximum quality. A commitment which is materialised in our quality certifications which are applied in each stage of the production process in order to guarantee that the product reaches the consumer in excellent condition.

Quality and innovation
Quality is the cornerstone or our production process. Our production facilities meet the strictest quality and hygiene standards.

Food safety and quality
• We’re transparent, our facilities are completely open to our customers.
• We have the highest level of food safety for all our products.
• We control the quality right from the start, when the milk is delivered, up to the end product.
• We adapt the quality to our customers’ requirements.

• We employ a highly qualified, flexible and creative.
• We are constantly developing and creating new products.
• We monitor new consumer trends and work with new formats.

Know the Quality Policy of Señorio de la Mancha.

Our cheese

Cheese with sheep milk

Cheese with Goat milk

Iberico Cheese